SportsAid Cymru Wales - New President!


SportsAid Cymru Wales is delighted to announce that the Rt Hon Kim Howells, one of Britain's best known political figures, has been appointed President of the charity, taking over from Lord Kinnock, who has stood down after six years in the post. 


SACW Director Ron Jones said "On behalf of the Board of Directors of SACW, we are delighted that Kim has accepted our invitation to take over the reins as President from Neil.


"Kim is a lover of sport and passionate about Welsh youngsters being given every opportunity and encouragement to shine on a bigger stage, whatever their pursuits. We would add our thanks to Neil for his contribution over the years."

Record-breaking performance from SportsAid Cymru Wales skier Menna Fitzpatrick!


Congratulations to Menna Fitzpatrick (right) and her guide Jennifer Kehoe for their sensational success at the Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeonchang, South Korea.


Despite having no vision in one eye and only 5% in the other, Menna, who received a SportsAid Cymru Wales grant to support and encourage her promising talent, took a Bronze, two Silver medals and then a Gold in the slalom - half Britain's total medal haul - with Army officer Jennifer guiding her via wi-fi headsets.


The 19-year-old former Cardiff girl, now based in Macclesfield, thus becomes one of Britain's most decorated Paralympians and was given the honour of carrying the GB flag at the closing ceremony.


SACW Director Ron Jones said "Menna and Jennifer have posted videos made with the RNIB of how much Menna can actually see as she rockets down the slopes at speeds of up to 60mph. That takes great skill but also a huge amount of courage, especially after a fall. We are all very proud of her."




SportsAid Cymru Wales - investing

in our sporting future


SportsAid Cymru Wales is a unique charity dedicated to helping talented young sportspeople in Wales achieve success by easing some of the financial barriers which can crush their dreams.


Since its formation, SportsAid Cymru Wales has distributed nearly £1.5 million in grants to qualifying athletes in the early stages of their careers in almost 30 different sports.


Most grant recipients say it is not just the financial support that gives them a boost: They say the recognition and encouragement represented by a SportsAid Cymru Wales grant helps fire their commitment to perform to the best of their abilities.


Many top sportspeople who have brought pride to Wales on a world stage, including hurdler Colin Jackson, cyclists Nicole Cooke, Geraint Thomas and Eli Barker, sprinter Jamie Baulch, paralympian David Roberts MBE, sailor Hannah Mills and taekwando champion Jade Jones, were helped by SportsAid when they were relatively unknown to the public. All are keen supporters of the charity.


If you can help us to help our potential stars of the future – we’d be delighted to hear from you! Click on the Contact Us tab above.



Sport - a great medicine!


Para athlete Claire Williams attracted standing ovations from guests at SportsAid Cymru Wales fund-raising lunches in Cardiff and Carmarthen with a grippingly honest account of how her love of sport has helped rescue her from ‘a very dark place.’


Claire with SACW President Kim Howells


Claire, who is partially sighted, won a bronze medal in the F12 discus at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, her third Paralympics. She said her career in sport had led her to believe that she was strong and resilient, but when her personal life took a bad turn last year following the end of a damaging relationship, she found herself feeling emotionally destroyed, with no home, no job, no money and ‘in crisis.’


Claire, aged 30, of Carmarthen - who received a SportsAid Asda grant early in her career - said she spent months not able to do anything, not knowing where to turn and suffering with anxiety, which she described as the most frightening thing she’d ever experienced. Then one day – out of desperation and not knowing what else to do – she decided to go for a short run.


She described how painful this was, having no previous running experience, but that it was through this challenge that she began to regain control of her feelings. She started going for a run every day and gradually got stronger, mentally and physically, winning back control of her life, her confidence and self-belief.


Her progress led her to the Cardiff Half Marathon and she has since secured a place to run in the 2018 London Marathon. Despite being daunted by the distance, Claire has allowed her name to go forward with the main aim of raising money for SportsAid Cymru Wales.


SACW Director Ron Jones said “There wasn’t a person at either function that was unmoved by Claire’s brave account of her journey from triumph to depression to recovery. Sport can be great medicine. We wish her every success going forward.”


A number of business guests immediately pledged support for Claire's marathon effort. If you want to contribute, you can through JustGiving -


The Carmarthen lunch was another triumph for SACW’s West Wales committee, with Chairman David Butler handing over a cheque for £6,000 to Ron. SACW’s North Wales director, Alan Hughes, boosted the charity’s funds still further with a cheque for £2,500.


Linda thanked the charity’s supporters and highlighted the critical importance of SportsAid grants to promising young athletes who receive no support from other sources at the start of their careers.

Claire shows her Olympic bronze medal to SACW Director

Ron Jones, himself a double Olympian.